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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 3, 2011 3:00am-7:00am PST

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remember "the spin stops right here," and we're looking out for you. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, on saturday, december 3rd. thank you for waking up with us. will the herman cain train derail today? the g.o.p. hopeful is set to make a major announcement about the future of his campaign. but if he is done which candidate picks up the vote? >> donald trump the moderator? yes, the business motion el holding a debate in iowa two days after christmas. >> a school bans santa from class and now they have a change of heart. why? an update on the christmas controversy.
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"fox & friends" begins right now. >> i am donald trump and you are watching "fox & friends" and if you town the channel, you're fired. >>dave: expect more of that on december 27th. >>alisyn: will he say "you're fired," to any other candidate? >> moderating is not easy. before i started in television i moderated g.o.p. presidential debates. it is difficult. you saw the different hosts giving equal time, how will the donald handle it? >>dave: he will have a co-pilot. allegation more on politics, but, first the headlines. authorities taking custody of mindy mccready's son a week after she ran off with him. both the country music star and her five-year-old son were reportedly found hiding in a
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closet in her boyfriend's house in arkansas. she claims she took her son because he was no longer safe with her grandparents who are the guardians. and police say they have no reason to believe that is true and they are returning her son to his home in florida. mccready is seven months pregnant with twins, no word if she will face any criminal charges in this ordeal. a missing florida mom's search is expanding using the command center 30 miles north to a local bar where parker worked. that bar also the setting for a silent auction, and all the proceeds going to her two young children and to fund the searchest. parker, missing since november 17, the day she appeared on an episode of the "people's court, arcing over an engagement ring with her ex-fiance and he is the only suspect. >> the united nations extending the mission in libya for three months, and the agency's security council will help the
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country transitional government draft a new constitution, prepare for election, and prevent the proliferation of arms. libya is still experiencing unrest two months after a popular uprising toppled the oppressive regime under muammar qaddafi. >> police if los angeles going undercover to evict thousands of people occupying the streets near city hall. before wednesday's raid dozens of officers tried to blend in at the camp to gather information about potential problems or complications and they arrested more than 300 people during the raid. those are the headlines. >> and now, rick is back from rappeling. >>dave: rick is famous for what he did yesterday at 6:30. famous. rick: stay tuned for that. >>dave: it is huge. rick: in the winds this weekend the heavy winds in southern california, another
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weekend tomorrow, not as strong, though, and then they will be gone. next week will be looking better and the same system moving across the lanes in the southwest, heavy rain, heavy snow today and tomorrow, and on monday. get ready for that. behind the storm, very cold air is flirting with the northern plains and another sunny week across the east. we are probably at six or sunny weekends in a row across the east. looking god temperature-wise. the big storm, you can see it was across the southwest, and there is still a disturbance as long as that is there it will remain unsettled. right now we have rain. snow across the texas panhandle and into kansas and solid rain across eastern kansas and toward mississippi and it will cross over into snow. and we have winter weather advisories with the pink that is a warning, and watches, and stretching out across the plains to the east. and it will be all rain and it will be a lot this will cause
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flooding concerns but texas will get rain and that will be good news. >>dave: thanks, rick. great job yesterday. a big day in politics because we could narrow the g.o.p. field a bit because herman cain making a big announcement today about the future of his campaign. is it a big announcement if he says "i'm still in," or only big if you are out? >>clayton: a lost sources say the cain campaign is leaning toward suspending the campaign. listen to herman himself describe what he will do today. take a listen. >> tomorrow in atlanta, i will be making an announcement. but nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely. that is all there is. tomorrow we will be opening our headquarters in northwest georgia where we also will
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clarify, clarify exactly what the next steps are. >>clayton: the scenes are not point nothing that direction because she opening the headquarters there in georgia and he was scheduled to be there anyway, and, yesterday, the campaign submitted an app to the itunes so there will be a cain campaign web app that was submitted. >>alisyn: and he set up a new website called www.womenforcain about how he worked to support general den equality and women through his career and they say his wife is behind this website, so, he has a new website as of yesterday, opening a new campaign office, in georgia, as of today, and a new app, and the i can't i say the iowa knows anything about being suspended. anything is possible.
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>>dave: i think governor huckabee knows. he has a presidential forum tonight, and my hunch is herman cain is not participating in that and we will know. they are close friends. if he is out the only mean he would be out, we can ask, and he was scheduled. i don't yet know if he is still scheduled. so, it will be interesting. so the news forward, if cain is out, who gets his support? and when you look at the numbers, it looks like gingrich is the guy, they have been up there on the stage, they have shared at least in herman cain's words they have shared similar political philosophy, and it looks like it is going to go to newt. >>clayton: and georgia. they are both from georgia. but as huckabee has said when asked where his supporters are, he said, i don't know they all
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over the map. it is not like there is a clear line where the folks go and like there has been in years past. >>alisyn: some day it could be a detriment because the spotlight would shine more brightly on gingrich and cain took up some of the oxygen in the room for two weeks with various charges and so then if he is out they would focus with more intensity. >>dave: when you say spotlight, it sounds positive, but it is negative because "new york times" and "washington post" will concentrate on his past and there is a lot of it. that is not examined. >>clayton: and the "wall street journal" examining stuff on the web site of freddie mac from 2007, they pulled up through arrest kinds so they is going and looking like he is the frontrunner. the latest poll he is up over 21 points to 17 percent to romney. >>alisyn: yesterday, dave
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actually said i can't believe the results i wish i could talk to execution -- talk to rasmussen. >>dave: i asked him about the poll and he is not sure the poll will stay but it is legitimate. >>alisyn: and before we have our next talking point gingrich is, really, beefing up the campaign in iowa. he had one office and now he has seven. >>dave: he had no presence and no footprint in iowa so you can only go up. >>alisyn: growing exponentially. >>clayton: and putting a lot of marbles in south carolina, and new hampshire and florida and romney only has five paid staffers in iowa but they have been there since 2005. >>alisyn: and now the debate on december 27. donald rich is going to be holding a debate with the
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conservative news outlet and he says after, after he sees how all the candidates do this this debate he will then endorse one of them or if he is not happy with the results he will get in to the race and run as an independent. >>dave: here is what he said about being the moderator of the g.o.p. debate. >> this is just about the most important election we have had in 100 years, it is so important, because the country is at a point where if it goes in the wrong direction any longer it will be very heart for this country to come back, so i'm really not viewing it in any other way. i'm honored they asked me. i probably will get rating machine, i am a rating machine they say in all of the newspapers, and that is what they say. >>dave: i love that.
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>>clayton: someone not there is huntsman running for president, and he called and tried to talk to donald trump about having a pizza type meeting. >>alisyn: he never called him back. isn't that worse? >>clayton: so they never had that meeting and he said he would not be part, and donald trump said that is okay it is not that important anyway. >> he has no chance to win, we will have more time for the people who are serious candidates and the other thing that is important is that, governor huntsman called my office asking for a meeting, and actually, i didn't call him back, which i could have and probably should have, but he did call my office asking for a meeting and i am sure being a mormon he will absolutely confirm that. >> so many candidates have been written off. >>alisyn: prematurely. >> gingrich sat down and did the lincoln-douglas style debate when herman cain was riding high
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and that elevated him and now they will do the same, gingrich and huntsman, a three hour debate and they will talk back and forth. >>dave: huntsman can hang, he is probably the most experienced, smartest guy on the stage at times and yet he cannot get any traction, and i agree, clayton, great move. >>alisyn: huntsman says he will not participate not debate not because he didn't get the phone call back but it is a side show that he things there is a trump show. >>clayton: he is a rating machine. al qaeda says they are showing an american aid worker -- holding an american aid worker in pakistan. your they just now talking about it?stay tuned.
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>>alisyn: a developing story from pakistan, who may have teamed up with al qaeda to kidnap a accident-year-old american aid worker abducted in pakistan in august. al qaeda is demanding an exchange for his release. how should the united states respond? the national security analyst to the christian action network and founder of world threat. so, an earn aid worker was kidnapped in august, why is al qaeda now, in december, putting out the first statement on this? >>guest: two reasons. first because of security precautions they were taking him from house-to-house. and they didn't want to leave a trail. but, the other reason is that, the country working assumption is that the pakistani taliban and al qaeda are the ones that
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kidnapped him before there is a huge kidnapping business in pakistan and africa, and they tell them to those terrorist groups so the pakistan taliban and al qaeda bought the hostage from a kidnapper. >>alisyn: the "ally news," is reporting the pakistani taliban and al qaeda are working together in terms of to abduction. how should the united states respond to this? how can the united states respond? what have they done in the past? >>guest: we have to make no distinction between the pakistani taliban and al qaeda. even in terms of their network, they are the same. and that is important because pakistan government backs the pakistani taliban. so, we need to go to pakistan and make it clear whatever happens to this hostage we will hold you responsible. it is time we took that attitude because we have soldiers fighting in afghanistan putting their lives on the line for us but when there is a factory
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building bombs that kill them we say that is an off limits target and our soldiers deserve better and the hostages deserve better. >>alisyn: this raises the issue they talked about, about national security, whether we should continue to give all of this money to pakistan in aid. >>guest: one thing we have to step saying is we are dependent upon pakistan. when you say that, that reinforces pakistan's belief we have to take however they act. and there is nothing we can do. when, in reality that is not true. another thing we need to stop saying is that there are rogue elements of the pakistani intelligence service behind it. it is not rogue elements it is the pakistan intelligence service and the government is behind it. i cannot thing of a single example where the pakistanis have arrest the one of the "rogue," elements for trying to kill our troops and afghanistan civilians. >>alisyn: what are the chances we will get this 70 year old back? >>guest: to be honest, i don't think they are very high unless
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we can pinpoint his location and all reports indicate the leads have dried up. we have to make it clear to pakistan that whatever happens to them there will be repercussions for pakistanis. >>alisyn: thank you so much. still ahead, november's unemployment rate take as dive to 8.6 percent, and that sounds look good news but the numbers could be hiding something, and economist explains why we should not be popping the champagne. and christy brinkley is getting notice from the i.r.s. congratulations.
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>> a tough week for romney, the republican hopeful has been falling behind in the polls to gingrich but he shows no sign of getting more aggressive with the g.o.p. rival. >> we will be battle until the final moment to be successful. i hope i'm the nominee because i think i can get america back from those that want to change this country. i can get america back to work. but i wish gingrich the best. heel run his campaign and i will run mine. may the best person win. >>clayton: does romney need to end the nice guy routine? and now from washington, dc, democratic strategist and republican strategist, who worked for romney's campaign in 2008. brad, back in 2008 critics said he is repeating the mistakes in
3:24 am
2008 laying down to john mccain. what do you say? >>guest: well, there is an old adage, don't get into a duel in the middle of the track, and romney has done a great job following that strategy if this campaign and you will see him continue to do so in the next few weeks. >>clayton: someone could disagree and some new folks interviewed in the poll, 38 percent show gingrich on top and 17 percent show romney in there, and when dave talked to rasmussen he said they repeated the results. what do you make of the poll? >>guest: well, eric mentioned that when he is polling on a radio show those that are hooking from cain to other candidates they are going to gingrich or rick perry, they are not going to romney. so, romney has to get in there to try and capture that and as you mentioned he has to put a
3:25 am
dent in the rise that gingrich is experiencing right now. look, i don't know what romney is to do to go from changing his mind so many times over the years to the bret baier interview we saw on fox news where he was whining after, to going to no more mr. nice guy. you want to finish on a high note going into the caucuses and primaries and he might be getting a little muddy with gingrich going in. >>clayton: and we also thought with paw plenty everyone telling him to be fierce and go after romney but he is not a fierce kind of guy. does he run the risk of being disincitizen white house candidate if he starts attacking gingrich? >>guest: he is a good debater and skilled debater and you see him good as give as he gets, and gingrich, so far has not attacked anyone but the news media and we know that will work
3:26 am
in the republican primary but he has to problem he can beat someone beside the press. >>clayton: and i want your response to this. chris christie, instead of romney himself being out there, dispatched a surrogate, governor of new jersey, speaking for romney saying speaker boehner has enough run anything and he has been a legislator, i don't think being a legislator is the best calling card. look at the guy in the white house, he was a legislator, smart move bringing chris christie out? >>guest: that is a good tactic you use surrogates. keeping the candidate above the fray which we see as a major trade of romney. however, what i think people are seeing in the republican party with regard to gingrich is that he did bring back a majority, republican majority to congress in 1994, and that is something that you can mark down as a major connection.
3:27 am
>> but the republicans threw him out as leader, as well. how do you respond to the governor christie report? >>guest: no one will put a lesion chris christie or program him so i would not read too much into the fact that he has been deputized to do that, and second, gingrich has a big chore in the next three or four weeks, he has to prove he is not washington's past and instead he can be america's future, and currently a lot of republicans are grateful for what gingrich did but that is a long time ago and he not relevant for the future. that is a big job but he will get a gift. this is a football game that ends 20 seconds after half time and that will happen with this. >>clayton: great to see you both thanks for waking up early to be with us. stay tuned.
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>>dave: here is the shot of the morning, yesterday on "fox & friends", who is that guy? it is rick climbing down a 22' story building in connecticut with yankees general manager. rick landed himself a spot on the back cover of the "new york
3:32 am
daily news," rick, looking good, folks! and here is the thing, that's, as soon as i got in, i could not believe the paper but there is no mention of who that guy is up there. >>alisyn: they don't mention your name and this is an obvious slight because the "daily news," is a come pet tore of the "new york post," our step organization. you are smiling and you appear to be enjoying it. on the first run, i saw like, you did not seem to be enjoying this experience. and you gave up quite a square, rick, because it was terrifying, actually, watching you. what was it like? rick: i cannot believe they have not showed the clip of me smashing into the wall. it is a weird thing, it is good when you are talking to someone and you are not at nervous, but
3:33 am
but get to 50' from the bottom, it is fun, that would have the same effect. wait, wait, wait, wait, get ready, i do it right here. >>dave: that is a different shot. >>alisyn: there you are tangle ed. >>dave: rick will do this again on sunday, the real deal again and next time, the new red sox manager, valentine, would like to do it with you, and cashman. rick: he took the challenge. >>alisyn: and so would ... dave. he was jealous. rick: and now the weather. cool start to the morning across
3:34 am
the north. not that bad across the east. and eastern part of the country, you get into the pattern where every seven days the weather repeats and each week it has been sunny and spectacular. the central part of the country, big problems all weekend. rain across texas, and you need that, and snow across the east, heavy snow in new mexico and it will spread across the northern side of this line the storms, to kansas, nebraska, iowa and minnesota. it will be heavy rain across either side. both the eastern side of this. we have energy coming from the storm one bringing, snow across the area toward the plains today and tomorrow. and, the final part of the energy comes out of here and brings snow to oklahoma and arkansas and southern areas of missouri and into illinois for monday. chicago, you could see that and detroit and places like springfield, missouri. we will see heavy rain the next few days and texas you could see
3:35 am
2" or 3" of news, we need that arkansas, not so much, you will get heavy rain bringing flooding as you move over for the next two or we would say three days. >>dave: what does spiderman do? show us. >>alisyn: republicans and democrats in washington are at odds over the best method to finance the payroll tax holiday extension. , -- >>reporter: the rank and file republicans in the house pushed back hard against the leaders this week, and the leadership laid out a plan to make a payroll tax holiday work but members do not want that without comprehensive entitlement reform. here is jeff flake explaining. >> last year we were in the same
3:36 am
place when we proposed the first extension, rather, the payroll tax holiday and people said we should not do that because we will be in this place next year doing it again because no one will want to raise people's taxes. that is where we are. i will not say "i told you so," but a third of the people if the room that were here last year when we made that decision, and we will be here next year making the same decision. we cannot continue that. >> it is already december 3rd and democrats are saying congress has less than a month to get it together or consumer confidence is going to spin and so will the committee. >> the immediate issue which will have an impact on americans beginning january 1st of this year, is the effort by senate republicans to block this extension of the payroll tax holiday. now, most economists out there tell us that consumer confidence and demand is essential to getting the economy going.
3:37 am
>> president obama said conferred he things the payroll tax cut extension is finally get to get passed because if it doesn't, a lot of lawmakers could end up being here in the capitol hill on a day they would much rather be home. >> i expect it will get done before congress leaves otherwise congress may not be leaving. and we can all spend christmas here together. >> the president was clear just because he is pushing to extend the payroll tax cut for another year that does not mean he wants to lock in tax cuts for the wealthiest members. >>alisyn: it is confusing. the democrats want the tax break and the republicans don't, we will talk more about it. >>dave: does this actually stimulate the economy? >>alisyn: let's have that conversation in one hour. >>dave: it only matters if it works. >>alisyn: new video from
3:38 am
california, people there are waking up to a giant mess after one of the worst wind storms the u.s. has seen in decades. the winds compared to hurricane irene, and blamed for the death of one person, the storm also leave willing millions of dollars worth of damage in california, utah, colorado, and wyoming, and right now hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are without power. congress ordering one of the former members to testify next week on capitol hill, three committees voting to subpoena ex-senate and former new jersey governor corzine about his role as the head of mf global, the firm went bankrupt a month ago, and the feds say $1 billion for cash could be missing. christie bring hi is in trouble with the i.r.s., owing the feds $531,000 in back taxes, and the 57-year-old was told to pay up in november when the i.r.s. filed a tax lean, but it should
3:39 am
not be a problem because she is worth a hopping $80 million. >> and she is gorgeous. santa claus getting the heave ho ho ho from schools in texas. the school district first said christmas celebrations were "too religious," and now they saist is too distracting and will not santa visit during class. man parents are not happy about kids getting grinched. >> such an attack on freedom, on the constitutes, on liberty and it is flawed reasoning. >> to not give gifts or to be able to exchange charreds because someone could get something religious in their hands. overkill. >> the school district policy, to protect it, parents, to protest, rather, parents are wearing santa hats when they drop off and pick up their kids from school. >> that is a festive protest. >>dave: very nice. and now sports this morning.
3:40 am
friday night's pac 12 game was one for the history becomes but when you have a 6-6 football team playing for conference you have a problem. were that problem being usc banned from the game for past infractions so ucla is in, great news for oregon. surprise, surprise, the ducks dominated the game and michael james absent from the heisman trophy conversation, i'm not sure why he was unbelievable, and three continues in the bowl guam, over 200 yards on the ground and rushed for 1,500 yards for throw straight seasons in the pac 12, the first ever. the man can dance. big win for the oregon ducks, headed to the rose bowl. allegation i like dancing skill in an athlete.
3:41 am
>>dave: and "dancing with the stars" story later. >>clayton: who do you think works harder, moms or dads, as home. at home. a study out this morning concludes that it is women would overwhelmingly multitask much more than men by a large margin. by like nine hours. nine hours over the men. i would think it would be higher. >>alisyn: women are doing two things at once, two actions at once almost half the time they are awake. we are doing two things: i am on the phone, i'm on my blackberry, trying to tell the kids something to do, turning down the stove, and i'm multitasking to the point where someone could lose --. >>dave: we are not capable of this. i love taking care of my kids and do it when i can and i will do it all day long but if my mom asks me to take out the trash, i
3:42 am
can't do it. i can literary keep the keeps alive and entertained and fed. nothing else. >>clayton: alive. alive. my wife will watch a movie and it will be over and she will say grab the basket of laundry, the next morning, it is sitting there. i forgot. i tuned it out. >>alisyn: i ran into a friend's husband, at a lunch place and he says my wife is away this is the third meal i have had out. so they can't ... it's a scream. >>dave: let us know what you thing about this, mail us at "fox & friends" and is it science? genes? >>alisyn: we can argue with that. >>clayton: the unemployment rate make as dramatic drop. stay tuned. getting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools,
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you need just a third the blood of one touch.® that is different. so freestyle lite test strips make testing... easy? easy. great. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. >>dave: the unemployment rate has dropped from 9 percent to 8.6 percent. sounds like good news but is it really? we will ask our former chief economist at the u.s. international trade commission and economics professor at university of maryland and in washington, dc. >> good morning. >>dave: obviously the take away is that the unemployment rate drops but 300,000 people left the workforce. so, next month, say we create 140,000 private sector jobs, will the unemployment rate likely go right back up because those people come back to the workforce? >>guest: i don't know they
3:47 am
will come back right away but the administration's strategy is not to create jobs but convince people they don't need a job. we had half a million more people, not only quit the labor force you with we had if you adults, people turning 18, who is decided not to look for a job. the whole situation is absurd. >>dave: and you have bill clinton walking to the stage and calling the economy "lousy," yesterday, and that did not help and you can check out the number, discouraged and part time workers an astounding number. the dow, though, i hate to get too caught up in numbers but the dow had the best week since 2009, isn't there some sign that the economy is coming to life? >>guest: well, there were positive signs but they are not things that create a lot of jobs. we are getting a lot of new manufacturing but mostly high-tech. i look at places we can make the jobs and keep paying for them,
3:48 am
not the stimulus nonsense where we have to borrow the money. it is energy. replacing the imports from china. reducing and streamlining and make more effective, regulation on wall street so banks do something novel. which is make loans to moderate businesses. those are the things this president has talked about doing but he doesn't walk the walk the he is too worried about raising money on wall street. his liberal base at harvard does not want us drilling for energy, and neither wall street or the liberal base in the notes establishment wants him to do something about china. he just doesn't want to do the tough thing that both gingrich and romney talk about doing. >>dave: more in the "wall street journal", an article about oil and gas is the way to cut into the unemployment rate. how do we make major slights interest it getting the tub near 8 percent or 7 percent? >>guest: we can be energy independent in five years no problem with significant progress from day one. but we have to open up drilling
3:49 am
in the gulf, develop the natural gas onshore, and on the east coast and if we did that, but, instead we have a department of energy and a department of interior this simply does not want domestic energy development. they think we will do it on electric cars and general motors has to recall the volt because they are catching fire. electric cars will not going to be a significant force for at least another decade. we have to develop our oil and gas and it is a matter of letting the oil companies do it. president obama likes oil. but he doesn't like oil companies. >>dave: and oil and gas energy will be a campaign issue in the months ahead. thank you. coming up, is he in? or is he out? herman cain will make a major announcement about his campaign.
3:50 am
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i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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3:53 am
>>alisyn: a mighty fight to keep jesus standing tall, a fixture in montana for 50 years but an atheist group says this should not be on public land and is joining to us discuss it. the executive director of the american center for law and justice. jordan, good morning. so, the atheist group that opposes the memorial says this is a clear endorsement of christianity and that is a constitutional no-no on federal
3:54 am
land. >>guest: this group is interesting, and they are called freedom from religion foundation, a play on the first amendment opposed to "in god we trust," as our not tremendous and tried to take the "national day of prayer," and take "under god," out of the pledge and wanted "in god we trust," sandblasted off the visitors center in washington, dc so no surprise they don't like the jesus statue but they have the songs, like "nothing fails like prayer," and what they have done here instead of trying to go to court they have this administration's letter to a park supervisor who said maybe we are violating the first amendment and made the decision and they were going to take this down, the outcry came and we got 70,000 americans joining with us and this is still a few more days to send in comments to the park service, and they pulled back so they were ready to take the statue down. >>alisyn: but, jordan, the
3:55 am
heart of their argument, the atheist group. they say the statue is not a war memorial and never was but a religious shrine. governmental neutrality is not hostility. no private religious group has a right to people display on federal property. so, do they have a point? >>guest: well, listen, you apply for a permanent and the group has done that and followed the rules since 1953. knights of columbus catholic war veterans came back from world war ii, and they saw these statues and this is in the record, saw the statues and said this is a way to honor friend we have lost and a place to tear our families to say this is what it was like fighting the ballots in new york and that is why they picked this statue. it has been there since 1953. guess what, just because it is religious does not mean it is unconstitutional much the archaeologist who worked for the
3:56 am
forest service said that it wouldually be eligible to be historic landmark, a national historic landmark, no one has complained about it until now and it has been there almost 60 years and now freedom from religion foundation is so offended it must come down today? you cannot make up constitutional crisis just because you fine the jesus statue in the mountain in montana and that is what they tried to do around the country. this time, we caught it before the park service pulled it down. >>alisyn: thank you for that background. let us know the final decision. >> we should know early 2012. >>alisyn: thank you.
3:57 am
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>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, on saturday, december 3rd. will the herman cain train derail? he will make a major announcement today open the future of the campaign. if he is done, which candidate picks up his vote? >> and call him "the moderator," donald trump holding a debate in iowa at the end of the month. will the candidates show up? not on record, yet. >> you can see this in the u.s. on any given day, but now afghanistan is finding out how to get to "sesame street." and now "fox & friends" in hour two starts right now.
4:01 am
>> it's "fox & friends", they have no idea what they're doing. >> donald is not talking about the allowing of him moderating a g.o.p. debate. >>clayton: and now herman cain, this morning, because at the love people wonder, is herman cain in or out? we will not know until later this afternoon what the herman cain campaign is going to do. if you read the tea leaves he is in it to win opening a new campaign office in georgia, and they have launch add new iphone app but a lost sources say he will suspend the campaign. >>alisyn: otherwise, why announce? maybe it is that reare redoubling our efforts and my wife is comfortable with my presidential campaign and all
4:02 am
that accompanies it, and, also, he has started a new when that the wife is behind, called "the women for herman cain," and there are lots of stories of women he has helped, who support him, and this, course; to counter harassment or affair charges. >> here is what he said about the announcement later today. he was in south carolina, and that is a primary state usually in this thing and here is what he said. >> tomorrow in atlanta i will take an announcement. but no one is going to get me to make that prematurely. so, toll, well be opening our headquarters in northwest. where we also will clarify, there is that word again, clarify exactly what the next
4:03 am
steps are. >>dave: one person i want to hear from is governor huckabee and he thinks it is over for herman cain and thinks it is just, when will he pull the parachute? the governor has a presidential forum with all candidates minus huntsman and rick santorum. is herman cain in? we will ask the governor later and well know his status. >>alisyn: the vast majority of you say you believe he is out but of course it is speculation and herman cain has never followed predictable play book. he does it his way. he marches to the beat of a different drummer. we see. >>clayton: it is interesting what is going on with gingrich because his campaign building up a lot of staff now, and he admits that if you would have told me a month ago this would have happened, this position, i would say probably not, but,
4:04 am
now, bolstering the staff in iowa, south carolina, florida, and new hampshire and hired ten staff members in south carolina and eight in up numb and two in florida. >>alisyn: and gingrich said something this week that got a lot of attention, this is a question to all of you how you perceive this statement. listen to him. >> i will be the nominee. it is hard not to look at the polls, the odds are very high i will be the nominee. and i don't object if people want to attack me, but it will not be effective. people were be sick of it very fast. >>alisyn: confident or cocky? if you want to hear that from your candidate because that shows "i'm in it to win." >>dave: you need confidence in this game but this is the same candidate who said the polls didn't mean much several months ago when it shows him out but now the palms mean everything
4:05 am
shows he is going to be the nominee. >>clayton: they hate it when they are down and they love it when they are up. >>alisyn: that is a bold statement to make at this point. a year out. well, not a year out from the nomination, but that is just a very, very confident statement. >>clayton: it reflects the seriousness which the primary voters look at their potential nominee, the commentary has been he looked like the adult in the room. we waited for professor gingrich to speak on the stage so we could hear and he could eulaminate -- illuminate us, and this could be a reflection of the sentiment. >>dave: an interesting develop president later this month two days after christmas, donald trump will be the moderator of a g.o.p. debate. it is in iowa.
4:06 am
hosted by conservative media outlet and supposed to be "eye on television," and i am not sure what that is, but, who will show up, we don't know. huntsman will not show up but the news clearly is that the donald will moderator and steal all the headlines and if you want, again, prediction here, it is two days after christmas, a convenient excuse for some candidates so say my christmas plans were already made i cannot attend. >>alisyn: he was asked if he will endorse a candidate after and he said yes he plans to unless he doesn't like any of them, or they don't impress him, then he would jump in as an independent. we will listen to the donald on moderating the debate. all this is the about the most important election we have had in 100 years. it is so important. because the country is at a point where if it goes in the wrong direction any longer it
4:07 am
will be very hard for this country to come back. so, i'm, really, not viewing it in any other way. i'm honored they asked me. i probably will get great rating. i am a rating machine for whatever reason. that is what they say in the newspapers. >>dave: rating machine. >>alisyn: he does not suffer from lack of confidence. >>clayton: it will be interesting to see the debate. are you confused as to which candidate you will back and he will wait until his own debate to make the decision. >>dave: will he discuss china do you think in opec? >>alisyn: people will tune in to watch donald trump because he is a scanty separating character. but, one person who does not plan to go is jon huntsman announcing he will not participate in this trump debate. here is the explanation. he said we have declined to participate in the presidential afriend tits debate with the
4:08 am
donald, the republican party citizen as serious discussion of the issues so voters can choose a leader they trust to defeat president obama and turn our economy around, and we are confident that later will be jon huntsman and it sounds like they think it is a publicity stunt. >>dave: the donald would never be behind a publicity trump. rick santorum will be at huckabee's presidential forum just huntsman will not. >>clayton: donald trump thinks it does not matter he will not show up. here is the reaction to that. >> well, that is too bad he has no chance of winning anyway so that god because we can weed identity and have more time for the people that are serious candidates and the other thing that is important, is that, governor huntsman called my office asking for a meeting, and actually, i didn't call him back, which i could have and probably should have, but, he did call my office asking for a meeting and i am sure being a mormon he will absolutely confirm that.
4:09 am
>>clayton: this is why we love politics. as many have noted this is where we are entering silly season. december is silly season for politics. >>alisyn: i thought we were in it. and now the headlines, authorities took custody of mindy mccready's son a week after she ran off with him violating a court order. the country music star and her five-year-old son were reportedly found hiding in a closet in her boyfriend's home in arkansas. she claims she took him because he was no longer safe with his grandparents, who are his legal guardians but police say they have if reason to believe that is true and they are running her son to their home in florida and she is 15 months pregnant, no word if she will face criminal charges in this ordeal. the senator for missing florida mom is expanding, her family moving the command center 30 miles north of the local bar where packer worked.
4:10 am
the bar also the setting for a silent auction, all the rows going to her two young children, and to fund the searchest. parker, missing since november 17 the same day she appeared on "the people's court," arguing over an engagement hinge with hour ex-fiance. >> does this woman look like a security threat to you? well, the t.s.a. thinks so. the 85-year-old says she was humiliated after being stripped searched at john f. kennedy airport. she asked to forego the body scanning machines because she thought it could interfere with her defibrillatorror, and two agents took her two a back room and removed her clotheds and it took so long that she missed her flight and the t.s.a. denying it did anything wrong. wow! >> and, an american favorite, now, "sesame," treat is debuting in afghanistan, making it more
4:11 am
suitable for a conservative muslim audience, another version debuted in pakistan this year, and that funded by the u.s. government in an effort to spread a message of we tolerance. i am not sure it made its debut in pakistan yet. they have tried in the middle east and it hasn't work, it does not translate. >> elmo not universal. >> risk is here with a check of the weather. >> good morning, and now, a few things going on the rough winds in southern california still with us this weekend. maybe into monday. we will still have 50 or 60 miles per hour attempts so the fire threat continues. there will be flooding across the lower mississippi valley and places like arkansas, and mississippi, as well, and another sunny weekend in the east with so many in a row next week that will change. possibly a big storm. so, a look ahead, and here are
4:12 am
temperatures: cool across the northern rockies and the none side of that, the north western side is snow and the east is rain and that is how it will continue to shape up all day but the storm will take a wild to get out and it will not exit the east coast until thursday, so we will talk about this for another five days. guys? >>alisyn: coming up, a georgia law makes says the unemployed need to around their money and telling people to volunteer if they want their cash.
4:13 am
this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people came to louisiana... they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that miissippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose... and now is a great time to discover it. this year millions of people did. we set all kinds of records. next year we're out to do even better. so come on down to louisiana... florida... alabama... mississippi. we can't wait to see you. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home.
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4:15 am
>>dave: another showdown in washington. this time republicans and democrats at odds over the best method to finance a payroll tax holiday extension. >> and now like in washington with the back and forth details. >>reporter: the rank and file republicans in the house have pushed back hard against the leaders because the leaders laid out a plan to make a payroll tax holiday work but many members don't want that unless this is comprehensive entitlement reform. here is jeff flake, a representative, explaining why. >> last year we were in the same place. we proposed the first extension, rather, the payroll tax holiday
4:16 am
and at love of us said we should not do that because we will be in this place next year, doing it again, because no one will want to raise taxes and that is where we are. a third of the people in the room were here last year at this time when we made that decision. and we will be here next year making the same decision, we cannot continue to do that. >> republicans don't want the payroll tax cut extended unless there is entitlement reform. democrats, on the other hand, are saying we need to get it done or consumer confidence will fade and it could ruin christmas. >> coal in the stocking ought not to be what we leave for the american people at the end of to year. >> there has to be a better way. christmas is coming. the goose is getting fat. and the republicans refuse, they want to keep in doubt if the middle class will have a tax cut
4:17 am
and hold it hostage to protecting tax cuts for the wealthiest in our country. it is not right. >> president obama said yesterday he thinks the payroll tax extension is finally going to be passed because if it doesn't, a lot of lawmakers could be here in washington on a day they would much rather be home. >> i expect it will get done before congress leaves. otherwise, congress pay not be leaving. and we can all spend christmas here together. >>reporter: at the same event the president made cheer just because he is pushing for an extension of the payroll tax cut for the second year in a row that does not mean he wants to lock in tax consults for the wealthiest americans. >>alisyn: everyone likes their own tax cuts. >>dave: at some point, whether next year or the year after we have to have a conversation if this stimulating the economy?
4:18 am
taking it away could hurt but it is not stimulating the economy much if at all. >>dave: a number of economists say it helps and those are the folks that get the center $1,000 a year and they are paying down debt and others are spending, so there is --. >>alisyn: it hurts people going forward. >>clayton: you have the leadership, saying we need to pass it and the rank and file republicans have backed off of it. allegations abound. >>alisyn: many americans collecting unemployment benefits because of the lack of jobs and a georgia politician things they should earn that money. that is ahead. [ malannouncer ] imagine facing the day
4:19 am
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4:22 am
>>clayton: and now news, 71 dollar is how much mayor of hartford is receiving in unused vacation and sick pay although he was convicted on public corruption and 130,000 applied to buy a fire alarm on black friday breaking the single day high. did i say firearm or fire alarm? firearm is what i meant to say. $hundred million is how much the state of ohio is offering sears
4:23 am
to move the corporate headquarters out to illinois. in word on whether sears plans on accepting the offer. >>alisyn: thanks. the national christmas tree was lit by president obama and the family and now the first lady is busy make sure the white house is decorated for the holiday. the theme in the white house is "shine, give, share," and it comes with trees that are decorated to honor our military. the white house official tree decorated with cards created by military children, how did this tradition begin? joining us now is the all their of "christmas with the first ladies," a decorating tradition from jacqueline kennedy to mrs. obama. you were part of the team with mrs. bush? >> that was so cool i was so honored to be there and the white house is really spectacular at christmas.
4:24 am
>>alisyn: tell us about the theme "shine, give, share." >>guest: those are three words we are supposed to remember. shine our own talents. give of them. and share with our neighbors. so, a positive message coming from the white house, but the other wonderful thing is remembering our military on the official tree this year with the blue star family medals. and now, jackie kennedy organized the first white house christmas theme and it was the nutcracker? >>guest: she was the first to say we should thing about this before we invite 100,000 people over, and, so, the idea of the theme came out and she had the "nutcracker," she loved culture and ballet and it has evolved and now quite the production. >> and now, betty ford, during a time that the country, like now, was in a recession. >>guest: she wanted the white house to fell like grandma's house, and it was a patchwork
4:25 am
christmas, but the ironic think she went to great lengths to save money and she ended up spending more than the first lady before her. >>alisyn: i know how that happens. and barbara bush? >>guest: she paid respect to mrs. kennedy also did the "nutcracker," and she took actual ballet slippers and put them on the tree. first ladies although of to hang big items open the tree because the scale is so big and the bushes spent each christmas at catch david and she also put the star on the national tree. >>alisyn: your heyday when laura bush was in the white house and how you developed and decorated the theme. >>guest: the first lady is always kind of the commander and he of christmas, it is her vision and we execute it, it is what she wants but i have to say i love laura bush and her style, elegant and timeless and one
4:26 am
thing in the back we teach you owe to copy the different first lady's style. >>alisyn: she did "home for the holidays." >>guest: they chose it the summer before 9/11, so, it was even more poignant when 9/11 happened, the importance of home and the family. >>alisyn: with a double meaning because after 9/11 everyone was wanting to be home based, but, also, her daughters went to college. >>guest: right, so she was probably thinking my girls are going to come back, what better theme than "home for the holidays," and that is the wonderful thing looking at the white house and history through christmas, we see our first families in a different way, more personal way. >>alisyn: the pictures are beautiful. thanks for the history. the author of "christmas with the first ladies." great to talk to you. >>alisyn: a georgia lawmaker says the unemployed need to earn their money and is telling people to volunteer for work if they want their cash.
4:27 am
he will explain why and how next. plus, who needs to grow up? congratulations. congratulations.
4:28 am
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4:30 am
>> the good news the unemployment rate dropped to 8.6 percent. that is the good news. 120,000 new jobs created this month. the bad news? most of those require a sack, a red suit and a beard. and it is not real permanent work. >>dave: but we will take it. so many out of work and
4:31 am
collecting unemployment a lawmaker had an idea to have them volunteer in order to collect benefits. and now, we have that lawmaker, republican state senator from georgia, john albert. good morning, sir. >>guest: good morning, how are you? >>dave: tell me about this program. why do you want people to have to volunteer to collect unemployment? >>guest: this is a great bill. what it does is it gets people excited and motivated to go give back and serve other people, build up their resume and references and get new skills and a win-win with people serving others, and serving our charities. so it is a huge benefit to our state and i have seen it successful in helping many people unemployed through my church's job network ministry. >>dave: the labor commissioner , former commission are says it is in conflict with federal law and it would cost millions to enact the program.
4:32 am
how do you answer the criticisms? >>guest: well, i disagree. the use of technology today can tie in the access that corporations and nonfor-profits have and a database we have at the department of labor so i believe the costs are minimal in using the technology and will be challenging the federal government a bit but isn't it time to take a page out of the history for what we did with the wpa during the great depression and apply that to our great recession. >>dave: it make as lot of sense to theory you ought to have to earn unemployment rather than just it is around, but is the problem in. where the unemployment rate is north of ten percent is the problem there are not enough volunteer for charities? >>guest: well, dave, no, we have several challenges. we want to create a great environment to create more jobs in georgia but this helps those victims. this is a record number of americans right now who have given up on the search. this will help that and when you serve people, and you serve our
4:33 am
charities, only good can come. >>dave: it puts people become to work. how so? >>guest: when you get people excited and motivated and the sense of accomplishment, and reinvogrates their job search so you get people back in to the mold, only good things will happen. >>dave: makes a lot of sense, senator. an interesting proposal. folks let us know how you feel about this. thank you for being with us. ali, what else? >>alisyn: in the news, to the headlines, it is compared to hurricane irene, a mess across the western u.s. this morning, and right now the wind storm is blamed for at least one death, and it knocked out power to hundreds of thousands in california and utah, and many of them are not expected to get the power back on until tomorrow night. for the first time we are hearing the emergency calls made that night of the deadly stage collapse at the indiana state
4:34 am
fair in august. ten minutes before it happened, dispatchers issued this severe weather warning. >> all units, all units, this information, severe thunderstorm warning until 9:45 for the county, use director best judgment. find shelter. >> stage collapsed. >> stage has collapsed. >> the grandstand is down. >> declaring a mass casualty event at the state fairgrounds and i need at least five medic trucks. >>alisyn: seven people died that day and more than 40 others were injured and the band sugarland was just minutes away from performing. >> a maryland police officer save the like of a baby girl just in the nick of time. the 19-month-old swallowed prescription drugs and she stopped breathing and turned blue in the fates, and the officer was the first to respond and he says he went right into
4:35 am
life saving mode. >> i helped the child, that went through my mine, no emotion, just relying on the training received from the academy. i am extremely pleased her mother can spend the holiday with her daughter. >>alisyn: the officer was able to perform cpr until the medical professionals arrived and the baby girl is just fine. >> is your wallet feeling the pinch? parents, here is a secret to getting your kids new toys without baking the bank, a website that lets you rent toys for a fraction of what they could cost to buy new. it is the a genius, i cannot find it fast enough, works like netflix, you pick the toys that go into a queue and each month or every other month, a box comes with a new set of presents! when your time is up you send it back and a new box is on way.
4:36 am
dave, sign me up. >>dave: brilliant. the mets -- mess is gone. >>clayton: and they are prepackaged with chicken pox. straight from pre-school. >>dave: those cracks come from rick, usually. that is his role. buddy? rick: have you walked out around the area here in midtown the last couple of days? it is packed. because of things like this. the news corporation christmas decorations are up, decorated all overtime place looking beautiful, and the temperatures as you wake up county a very nice start to the day across the southern plains, get ready with the gray moving in, and, very nice conditions across the east, look at this picture from virginia beach, virginia, nice sunset, looking very good, and
4:37 am
you have a nice day in store, 42 degrees waking up this morning, and 54 for a high, keep sending your pictures, comments or whatever. the eastern part of the country is looking great. a bit of a cooler day but tip equal temperatures in the northeast. in the southeast, lots of sun and nice temperatures, and 61 in atlanta and 75 this new orleans. the rain this afternoon moving across oklahoma and stretching to arkansas. we will see stripes snow in kansas and nebraska and stretching influence minnesota and wisconsin. in the west, more snow in the four corners and heavy in arizona and to new mexico, and southern california looking good, but we still have an that anna winds today and tomorrow and into monday and later next week you will be looking fine.
4:38 am
guys? >> some artists use paint and others skull -- sculpt with leg goes. >> a corporate attorney was an attorney and now is an artist, and he had a childhood favorite and joins us, now. this is incredible. >> it took several weeks, a lot of building bricks on top of bricks. that is what i do. >> him pulling his chest open. >>guest: this is called "yellow." i let the view evening take what they want out of it. >>clayton: people are saying how does this become your full time job? how do you go from being a lawyer to a leg go artist? >>guest: i would come home after a long day at artist and i picked up legos and decided i could create sculptture out of
4:39 am
leg go and got commissions from around the world and left the law firm behind and became an art it. >>dave: how was that conversation with your parents? you know, that law school you sent me to? >> i had been a lawyer and i was going to play with toys so they could be proud. >>alisyn: you were making a six figure salary. you left to become an artist. were there days where you thought what did i do? >>guest: i went from a secure position to going from paycheck to paycheck, could i make rent. it worked out. >>clayton: a profile piece showed that lego has moved to the larger lego blocks and kids were not into it, and it continues out adults lay with legos perhaps more than kids. >>guest: i think it is popular with all ages, by far, and what i find i took lego and put it
4:40 am
where it has never been, into the fine art museum and galleries and i have six evening bigs around the world. >>dave: if you think that is good he has re-created three of us on the couch. my gosh. >>guest: that is all legos. >>dave: there are only 13lego certified professionals world wide. what is the process of being certified professional? >>guest: i was fortunate enough for lego to contact me and saying would you like to be a certified professional? and for me it has been great, because it create as dialogue with the company and i can buy my bricks directly from them and i buy, no middle man. >>clayton: clay is the most challenging? >>guest: ali. look at that hair. >>alisyn: it is stunning.
4:41 am
>>clayton: where can we see more? you can see the latest. >>dave: it is fantastic. we love it. next, a military hospital restricted families from bringing bibles when they visit their loved ones and they have now backtracked. why was it there in the first place? that is ahead.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
>>alisyn: said goodbye to next day delivery by the u.s. post office to save money. no word on when this goes into effect. the christmas spirit literally stolen from kids in need. watch the customer pace around the bakery before reaching in to toys for tots box. she allegedly grabbed gifts and leaves with her husband close behind. police in philadelphia are still locking for that. call the authorities if you have seen those toy thieves. >>dave: walter reed national military center is rescinding the poll that prohibits family members of military troops from
4:46 am
bringing bibles or religious materials to their loved ones. the decision coming a day after republican lawmaker denounced the policy on the house of representatives floor but why were they banned in the first place? fox news radio's reporter joins us with the story. >>guest: good morning, sir. >>dave: this is surprising that it ever passed through the military channels because it is not one person that had to approve this. this went through the entire process. how was it allowed? >>guest: this is a copy of the policy passed september 14, and i received a copy of it early yesterday morning and in a couple of hours after we notified the pentagon we were going to do a story they revised and rescinded this policy. so, we don't know how it happened. they are being coy about who signed off on this, but congressman king who i talked to, from iowa, is furious and he says whoever did this needs to
4:47 am
be fired and he is calling on president obama to publicly denounce this document. >>dave: here is what steve king said, "the president of the united states should address this and should excoriate the people would brought about this policy, the individual who brought it should be dismissed from the united states military." question being for you, todd, this is not the first time we have seen christianity in a sense, taken out of military. we saw this cross taken down from a nato base in afghanistan, is it because some of the troops are complaining or overall policy we are seeing in our military? >>guest: people like congressman king and folks like the family research council believe this is coming from the obama administration. they believe they either ones, it is a top down philosophy. we have seen this go on for the past three years: billy graham's son was disinvited from the
4:48 am
pentagon's national day of prayer event because he said something disparaging about the muslim faith and we have seen the cross situation as couple of weeks ago in northern afghanistan, the amendment row moved a cross outside a christian chapel because they said it violated army regulation. people are very concerned. christians very concerned about what is going on and the country, is asking questions of the obama administration. why are they cracking down on christianity in the military? >>dave: why do you think? is this a war on christianity specifically or an effort to remove all religious mention such as the koran and others? >>guest: in this document right here, it specifically mentioned the bible but it does not pentagon the koran, so, the representative is raising questions, why is that? he thinks and many others think this is a political correctness
4:49 am
gone awry. >>dave: you weed to reese the story on this and the right decision was taken to rescind the policy. some thought he could go all the way but is herman cain now on the way out of the race? that is ahead. i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week.
4:50 am
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>>alisyn: we are showing you the best gifts the last week we showed you the best gifts for kids and teens and this week we focus on the moms. >>dave: 22 days left. >> best e-readers is the kindle for my money, it is little. it can fit if your purse. and it is $79. and the other has in advertising for $129. with buttons on the sired. you can flip influence the book. and you can get the newspapers on this not just books, correct? >>clayton: everything and it will fit in your purse, and for my money still has the best scene and best contrast ratio. >>alisyn: next, how do i not lose keys? i have a tendency.
4:54 am
>>clayton: you put this on your tee change and you download the app on your phone and it locates the keys and it works in reverse. if you lose both the phone and the keys you are out of luck. if you lose the phone you press a button. >>alisyn: we need to implant that chip for dave. >>clayton: you goes are always freezen. and dyson has a new "hot," a portable heater, it foyers up and blows hot air and focused. what is great if it knocks over and the kids knock it over it automatically shuts off. >>dave: that will be in ali's office at 10:05. >>clayton: you plug this in for 15 minutes from brookstone,
4:55 am
and it stays warm for four hours and you can put your feet on it, curl up with it in bed. we are trying to keep you warm. >>dave: this is a friend hi segment for amount li. and what else she likes is not doing house work. >>clayton: if she could go shopping and have someone vacuum. the rhumba has a new floor screening robot. it cleans your room multiple times while you gone and you can set it so it will be programmed to vehicle i'm while you gone and you can say at 1:00 o'clock p.m. i want the house to be cloned. it is quiet. efficient. and the basketball try lasts. this is the grand new ones. and it entertains the cat. >>clayton: my son is scared of it. it works very well. and the pet series picks up all
4:56 am
the pet and dog hair under the couples and coffee tables and everything else, areas that ali would ignore. >>alisyn: yes, i would ignore that. that is like the jetsons, the future is now. >>clayton: you can find me on twitter and i will answer your tech-related stuff. >>dave: christie brinkley getting attention from: the i.r.s. that is ahead. [ male announcer ] sometimes a hint
4:57 am
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>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, on december 3rd, saturday. herman cain will announce today, what he will call it quits and how that shakes up the race. >>dave: are the g.o.p. candidates ready for this? the donald. to moderate a republican debate. so, would will trump hire? should the candidates take part? >>clayton: the tax man comes after christie brinkley with a big tax lien. "fox & friends" hour they starts right now. >> this is grover from "sesame street," do you know the way to
5:01 am
"fox & friends" at all? >> people are raving about this. >> and dave didn't like "brides maids." >>alisyn: other news fronts herman cain is going to make some sort of significant critical announcement today. but he has been vague about what that will be. there are lots of signs to suggest he is not get out of the race. >> some sources have spoken to pains saying the announcement will be a is expense of the campaign. that is not confirmed. but here is a preview from herman cain on what the announcement look like. >> tomorrow if atlanta i will be making an announcement. but nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely. that is all there to that. so, tomorrow we will be opening
5:02 am
our headquarters in northwest georgia where we will also clarify, there is that word again, eau eau clarify the next. >>dave: a georgia supporting say he did not quit when he had stage fur cancer, he will not quit now, what is the major announcement if you are not pulling out? it lookings like he is finished. if he is finished where does the support go? the obvious choice is gingrich. folks were asked if you do not support herman cain the majority in a hot air survey said they would support gingrich if not herman cain so he looks to benefit from cain. >>alisyn: the "wall street journal" points out it could mean he is not cross fair hairs, so the media can focus more on gingrich, and do more vetting of his background.
5:03 am
>>dave: there is a lot to vet. >>alisyn: herman cain has provided a distraction and it may not be to his benefit if herman cain gets out. >>clayton: gingrich in an interview this week seems confident about his country. >>dave: a little? >>clayton: a little confident about his current position in getting the going nomination. take a listen. >> i will be the nominee. that is very hard not to look at the polls and think that the odds are very high i will be the nominee. and i don't object if people want to attack me that is their right, but it will not be effective. people are going to get sick of it very fast. >>alisyn: he has never had low self-esteem. so, the question is, do voters like that and see that as solve i.s.d. confidence or does it seek cocky? he bolstering the iowa presence
5:04 am
from one campaign staffer to seven. and now, he got $5.5 million pulled in this month. >>dave: this is up and down nature in this g.o.p. runup and two-thirds of the republican voters that say they don't know yet, they have not decided on the candidates for him to be so overconfident could turn these folks off because every state people say we are open to a different candidate in the next 30 or 45 or 60 days. >>clayton: and george will is writing a column saying he is the least conservative of all, saying that huntsman is the most conservative of the candidates so with the final debates in the runup, how does it shake out? there is a debate that will happen on the 27th of december, hosted by donald trump, who will be the moderator of the debate and he is donald talking about moderating the debate and what the decision will be if he does not like a
5:05 am
candidate. >> this is just about the most important election we have had in 100 years. it is so important. the country's at a point where if it goes in the wrong direction it will be very, very hard for this country to come back, so, i'm, really, not viewing it in any other way. i'm honored they asked. i probably will get great ratings. i am a rating machine for whatever reason, that's what they say in all of the newspapers. >>alisyn: another person who does not suffer from lack of confidence, but, also, interesting gingrich is said to meet with donald trump on monday, lots of the candidates have packed through his office. >>dave: here is a secret, ali likes the meals. where did they eat? pizza in see a broadway show? >>alisyn: sometimes a fancy new york restaurant.
5:06 am
i read the tea leaves of what the meal says and i'll be looking forward to seeing what happens on monday. they say this is not the first meeting. >>dave: we did not know who is in and who is out for the trump debate, but we just know that huntsman is out, but how many folks will show up two daze after christmas with donald trump. let us know what you think. >>clayton: and what done am's take on the endorsement because he says he will not endorse until post debate. here is what he says. >> after the debate, i will not endorse before, and newt is coming up to see me on monday morning but i will not do an endorsement before the debate but after the debate, some time after the debate i would be certainly going to do that. >>alisyn: he went on to say and if nobody impresses me and i don't think anyone can win as a
5:07 am
republican, i will jump in as an independent. >>dave: coming up, karl rove and huckabee on all of the g.o.p. developments. >>alisyn: authorities took custody of mindy mccready's son, a week after she secretly ran off with her son. both the country music star and her five-year-old son were reportedly found hiding in a closet in her boyfriend's house in arkansas and she claims she took her son because he was in longer safe living with his grandparents who are his legal guardian. but police say they have in reason to believe this claim and that they are now returning her son to the grandparents' home in florida. mccready is seven months pregnant with twins, and no word if she will face criminal charges. the senator for missing florida mom, michelle parker, is expanding 30 miles north to a
5:08 am
local war where she, worked. the bar also the setting for a silent auction, and all the rows go to her two young children, and to fund the search effort. packer has been missing since november 17 after appearing on an episode of "people's court," arguing over an engagement ring with her ex-fiance and he now is a suspect in the case. >> this morning, the united nations spending the mission in libya for an extra three months, the security council says that it will help the transitional government draft a new constitution, prepare for elections, and prevent the proliferation of arms. libya is still experiencing unrest two months after a popular uprising toppled the oppressive regime under muammar qaddafi. >> super models cannot avoid uncle sam. christy brinkley slapped with $531,000 bill by the feds and told to pay up last month when the i.r.s. filed a tax lien against her. finding the money should not be a rob as she is reported worth
5:09 am
of $80 million. dave? >>dave: dave cannot listen to the contempt of the story because he is so enenchanted. she is unbelievable. timeless. a hall of famer, folks. first ballot. >>clayton: rick concurs. rick: they need to start that hall of fame. i would go. >>dave: cindy crawford and heidi. rick: want to weigh in ali? >>alisyn: i agree. rick: a storm in the central part of the country couple pieces of energy moving law and we have seen a couple days of rain and snow in arizona and new mexico and that is still there and the first part is moving across texas and the plains and the rain on the east side and snow on the west side of this. but not too cold and it will not stick in a big fashion for the
5:10 am
next couple of days. but filling the streets with snow at 2" or 3". the rain will move across arkansas and the lower mississippi river valley, 3" to 6", so big flooding concerns for that area. and now, how the storm will unfold, we have this right across parts of the four corners but as we move through today, some of this moves to the northern plains and the front stalls out and another piece of energy returns and by sunday night into monday we could talk about heavy snow across the texas panhandle and oklahoma and heavy rain across the eastern side of texas with significant drought. today? a. 70 in dallas. cooling off across the north and very, very cold air across southern canada, and it is going to get down here by wednesday this week and we could talk about temperatures well below
5:11 am
zero. back to you, guys. >>alisyn: give me that payments -- space heater. >>clayton: democrats say the republicans are the grinch if they do not extend the payroll tax cut. is there more to extending the tax cut than the determines -- democrats are telling you? gq]ú
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
>>clayton: a fight is brew and take a listen to this. >> christmas coming. the goose is getting fat. and the republicans refuse. they want to keep in doubt whether the middle class will have a tax cut and hold it hostage to protecting tax cuts. >> the coal in the stocking ought not to be what we leave for the american people at the
5:15 am
end of the year. >>clayton: republicans say they will do an extension of the payroll tax but not by spending freeze. and here is a republican and democrat pollster. nice to see all of you. this is, does nancy pelosi have a point? are you going to agree with nancy pelosi, are republicans being painted in the corner? >>guest: she says the goods -- goose is getting fat. she is trying to put the republicans in the corner. this is why the democrats took the unemployment benefits and the doctor fix and bundled them up and at christmastime they are putting pressure on republicans not to be scrooge. and it is probably going to work. because it is a very powerful thing, this is what they did with the ought to bailouts saying can you not do this
5:16 am
around the holidays. so, look, republicans will go along with it, but at some point they have to stand up, dig if their heels and say we will not do this anymore this cannot just be a p.r. fight but we have to look at the deficit and this stuff has to be paid for. >>clayton: are republicans being painted in the corner in for most americans all they hear is, i will have less money. >>guest: well, that is right. the republicans are being pained into a corner. this would be a tax increase at christmas on the middle class, the republicans are unwilling to do comprehensive tax reform which is what you need if we did what was suggested, which is to balance the budget, and bottom line, with unemployment starting to go down, economic growth having been tepid but real, to deny workers and employers a payroll tax cut now would be a
5:17 am
brother found mistake and it would stifle economic growth and hurt the mill class. so, there will be a deal and the republicans are divided and it is helping the democrats. >>clayton: the argument which is, though, that the republicans did not really mind not having a way to pay for the bush tax cuts and now, suddenly they are concerned about a way to pay for a middle-class tax cut. ex-this is a joke because you are robbing peter to pay paul. democrats are arguing for a cut they are arguing for marginal tax increases and, doug, talked about reforming the tax code something we can all agree. the president does in the want to lead he is concerned just about being elected and he does not take the recommendations of his deficit commission. payroll tax is cut sounds great but well not reform the committee with a tax cut and for shrewd business owner will hire based on a temporary tax cut. we have to make the cut permanent and reform the whole
5:18 am
tax code if we really, really, want to bolster the economy. clay china your response? >>guest: the president is showing leadership, you did not want to increase taxes on working people and employers during a crippling economic downturn and the only way to get comprehensive tax return, reform, and comprehensive deficit reduction, is to continue the economic growth we have now, and to let a payroll tax extension expire and to not extend unemployment insurance, that would be a brother -- profound mistake and the republican leadership recognizes that. >>clayton: there will abbey difficult -- there will be a busy time in washington during the holidays if we don't get a deal. >>guest: make them work? >>clayton: i agree. is he in or out? herman cain will make a your
5:19 am
announcement today and we will ask governor huckabee what he thinks about his future and which benefits the most, which candidate benefits the most?
5:20 am
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5:22 am
>>alisyn: congress ordering a former member to testify on capitol hill voting to subpoena ex-senator corzine about his role leading brokerage firm mf global believed more than $1 billion in customer cash is missing. >> and it looks like a bandit has struck, a robber holding up a bank of america branch in
5:23 am
california, yesterday, the 16th bank heist in two years. the f.b.i. offering $200,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. he must take geritol. dave? >>dave: touche. controversy continues in rhode island over what to call the christmas tree. the governor will not utter "christmas," and the radio listeners are weighing in. >> this is a disagree, absolute disgrace. i don't understand why everybody wants to take god out of everything. >> i pray to god -- you are a mean one, lincoln, to call it a holiday treat. how can anyone with half a brain call that tree a holiday tree.
5:24 am
>>dave: that is a sampling from wpro radio in province. people are fired up about this. why are they is angry? >>guest: well, dave, governor chafee who is now called governor grinch is taking this one step further trying to treat christmas like the "c," word, it is a christmas tree, it will always be a christmas tree and to call it a holiday tree and water this down, no one can understand what he is going for. is this an attempt to go after the atheist voting block which is, what, a couple of aclu members that still have a lou ward dean bumper sticker on their prius? it has truck a chord and the battle of christmas is on. he is not up for re-election he got in on a fluke election 36
5:25 am
percent, and he has had a rough year, and he is an odd speaking style, and now he is called governor gulf freeway, like a reference to forest gump, and it is going too far to not call eight christmas tree at the rhode island statehouse. the old expression is, we give up trying to find a virgin and three wife men at the statehouse a long time ago but to push a christmas tree and say no it is a holiday tree goes too far. >>neil: does this follow a pattern for governor chafee or is this an exception? >>guest: it does follow a pattern where he has gone out of his way to upset people, he doubled the beach fees, and since he has come into office he tries to appeal to a very liberal branch and this is the first real attack on religion and that is what it is the make no mistake, this is an attack on christmas. people are tired of it. it is a christmas tree.
5:26 am
on tuesday night we will show people that it is, in fact, a christmas tree. >>dave: he says the temperature "holiday," tree is in keeping with the rhode island founding as a haven for rhode island liberty and diversity. for those of you on the flip side and there is a segment from rhode island if you want to contact him, here is the phone none. >>guest: tuesday night we will have a flash mob and we will be at the stat house with hundreds of people starting at 5:30 and i will put out on facebook and also on twitter exactly the time that we are going to break into a rendition of we "christmas tree." >>dave: tuesday at 5:30 at the statehouse? >>guest: right, and i don't have the best voice, but i will lead the crowd and you will have all the people that want to sing the christmas songs, the younger
5:27 am
people, like the jersey shore, they think it is "yo christmas tree," rather than "oh christmas tree," but question agree it is a christmas tree. jesus would be part of the flash mob. >>dave: do you want to senator us to -- sing us to the break? >>guest: ♪ oh christmas tree ♪ oh christmas tree >>dave: good sport, john, tuesday night at 5:30, at the rhode island statehouse. coming up, a first grader accused of sexual harassment after a punch on the school bus. have school officials gone overboard? congratulations.
5:28 am
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5:31 am
>>dave: yesterday on "fox & friends" our own rick, played spiderman rappeling down a 22 story program and landed on the cover of the "new york daily news." >>alisyn: but he gave me a scare, a scare, that was terrifying. rick: 22 stories, 200'. >>alisyn: don't do that again. rick: i am doing it again a big event for stanford, connecticut, bringing in the
5:32 am
christmas season, and the event last year they liked it so i will jump into a christmas costume and do it one more time. >>clayton: you are upset because he may not make it and cannot make you a christmas pie. >>alisyn: and i was scared for you, and what happens, you were scared, it seems, going down the first time and you got cocky and decided to do a trick and it did not go so well. you hull yourself off the side of a building. and you lose the banner. and you hit into the wall. >>clayton: we did not want to show that embarrassing moment. rick: it looked worse than it felt. it did not feel that great but it was not that bad. that was the most fun -- bam!
5:33 am
>>dave: we count on you smoking cashman tomorrow. rick: guaranteed, guaranteed, he is afraid on there. >>alisyn: got it. you were great, rick. rick: take a look at the weather picture across the country, a big storm across the central part of the country, and as you wake up, move forward with the next map and we have rain and snow. across parts of the four corners and snow will become heavier through the day across the plains, headed into the northern plains and we will see heavy rain across kansas and missouri and the forecast, the eastern part of the country spectacular with so many weekends in a row with sunny skies and nice conditions and that could change next weekend. get ready. plenty of sunshine. across the southeast, sunshine,
5:34 am
but the rain will move into arkansas tonight and we will look at a threat for floods. ali? >>alisyn: and now to the headlines because there is video from california to show you. people are waking up to a giant mess after the worst subsequent storms in u.s. history. the santa ana winds blamed for the deaths of one person, and leaving millions of dollars worth of damage in california, utah, colorado, and wyoming. hundreds of thousands of homes are still without power. police are releasing the emergency call made in august right before the deadly stage collapse at the indiana state fair. listen as this dispatcher issued a severe weather warning. >> all units, information that severe thunderstorm warning until 9:45 for the county. use your best judgment. >> the stage has collapsed.
5:35 am
>> grandstand, down. down. down. >> grandstands are gone. >> declaring a mass casualty event at the state fair grounds and i need at least five medic trucks. >>alisyn: seven people died and 40 were injured. sugar large was minutes from performing. >> a first grader in boston is being investigated for sexual harassment by the school after he ped a -- punched a student in the groin. the mother does not agree with the pun enment and says he struck the boy in self-defense. >> he said the kid choked him on the bus and he stole the glove. they had a fight. they both should have had punishment, center school work. >>alisyn: the principal of the elementary school said he could be suspended or transferred someplace else. the hearing is next week.
5:36 am
>> a classic movie that scared millions for more than 30 years now. all shut off the engine. >>alisyn: that is scary. but, now, universal studio says it is time to close the chapter on "jaws," and announced they are shutting down the ride to make room for a new attraction, the original attractions when the park opened in 1990. they need a big boat. >>clayton: make way for "twilight" ride and now governor huckabee is prepared for a big night on his show, the big candidate forum in our studios this morning. >>dave: you get all the
5:37 am
presidential candidates here in the building tonight, except for two, huntsman is out and herman cain is out. what do you read into that? >>guest: i think herman cain whether he knows it or not is out. if he plans to stay in, when he on more than one occasion has said, i am reassessing, i am thinking about not going on, and when a candidate gets the idea you might quit you quit. you done. >>alisyn: what is the announcement? >>governor huckabee: he can say, i have gone, my wife supports me and i am back in the race. or he can say, look, this has become a brutal character assassination, and i love this country but, i am devoted to ploy wife and family and do not want to put them through more. i think that is what he does. if he stays in it is not a
5:38 am
matter of "if" but "when." >>clayton: where do the votes go? you are on record saying it is all over the place. >>governor huckabee: i talked to a lot of people in iowa that i know and there is no one candidate that has been able to get the voters to coalesce around the candidate so some are going to rick santorum would has work sod hard. and member might be has a strong organization and base there, and gingrich is doing very well, and ron paul has a very incredibly strong organization. he will surprise people. but people forget that romney may not get herman cain's votes but romney still has a pretty solid organization left over from four years ago, and he is being much more quiet and subtle but he will do better-than-expected in iowa and
5:39 am
the caucus. >>dave: how will this forum differ from the previous ten or 11 debates in >>governor huckabee: very different. the questions are posed by republicans elected attorneys general: >>alisyn: why is that? >>governor huckabee: this is not a game show. these are substantive questions by elected official whose dole with the issues when they go to work for them the decision of a president affect how they are able to work in their states. >>clayton: gingrich has done well in the states. some say he is the adult in the room. is romney now going to go on the attack? >>guest: no tonight because candidates can not attack each other or mention each other. deaf dave -- >>dave: cannot
5:40 am
mention? >>governor huckabee: they have to answer the question. they cannot get off track, if they start talking about another candidate, we will stop and interrupt them. and they will be individually, one at a time not owe there looking at each other. another thing that is unique every candidate gets exactly the same amount of time to answer questions. i have been a candidate and it is so frustrating to be stuck on the weapons of the stage and as ron paul got 89 seconds in the cbs debate. whether you want to support ron paul that is immaterial here has a right to be heard and should not be given 89 seconds when others are given 15 minutes. >>dave: so huntsman could be milking a big mistake by skipping this. >>governor huckabee: we don't know what will happen tonight. how man candidates have signed up for trump? >>dave: would you? would you? only huntsman has said no. >>governor huckabee: no one has said yes. i would have to know more about
5:41 am
this. we know what forum is, a unique opportunity to see substantive, hard questions asked by attorneys general from states to presidential candidates in a forum where they are facing, one-on-one, in a studio, and an audience is not there to influence the perception of the answers and it will be strong and we have never had all candidates running for president in this builting at the same time. that is historic. >>alisyn: romney, the most angry he has been is at bret baier, during that interview. is it time to take the gloves off with the other candidates? even though that is not his style? >>governor huckabee: he needs to remain above it. when you engage someone with less support than you, you have now brought them up to your level and you have again down to a level that you have not been to before. what he needs to do is to be the happy warrior, he needs to say,
5:42 am
look, i understand what clayton is saying about me but that doesn't bother me because my battle is against president obama, we have to beat this guy. so, no, i don't think he wins anything. he loseses something in both stature and in the polls if he lets himself get into that match. >>clayton: you will stick around for another segment but give us the screen with the panel tonight at 8:00 p.m. this is must-see tv tonight at 8:00 p.m., the huckabee show. [ male announcer ] how are we going to make this season better than the last?
5:43 am
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5:46 am
>>dave: a dirty job but someone has to do it plus in illinois look through hundreds of portable toilets after a man escaped from a transport van and he was found in a toilet. that is a dirty story. an american favorite, now "sesame street," debuting in afghanistan. the show, the same format but making it more conservative for a muslim audience, and was funded by the u.s. government. >> and now jobs, the unemployment rate went down to 8.6 percent, and 125,000 jobs were created.
5:47 am
>> some say that number is not really what it seems to be. on paper. back with governor huckabee. governor, a lot people saying this could be hopeful but a lot of folks, over 300,000, stopped looking. >>governor huckabee: but you tout thing are getting better. in politics, you use the figures that make things look good. the republicans will say that does not represent it. but it doesn't matter because the white house will take that number and say they are better than they were and if you take official numbers you have criticized him with you have to accept the official numbers that he is going to use. >>alisyn: why are they not more reflective of accuracy if people dropped out they did not find jobs, why doesn't the number reflect this? >>governor huckabee: a saying says that figures lie and liars figure and this is a case where the number dozen not
5:48 am
always tell the purist stories and in the case of the labor numbers, they show how many people are showing up to getten employment but it does not show how many quit working. you have to estimate and use opinion surveys and go into the fold and ask people and that is an estimate so, nobody can actually pinpoint for the person how many are looking for work. if you look at the number of companies that are not hiring and the overall economy, you know that there is a world of hurt for a lot of families in america. >>dave: this is patterns because if those people continue to leave the workforce the unemployment number will shoot right back up, so a month does not mean a thing, six, seven, eight months that is what the president is waried about the gingrich dominating the polls and clayton mentioned a poll 37 percent, 21 percent higher than romney. will he implode?
5:49 am
>>governor huckabee: why think so, i think what will happen to newt is what has happened to all of the canidates who had the surge whether it is michele bachmann, rick perry, or herman cain, each candidate has had a moment where everybody is a boom, but a boom is followed usually by a bust. with newt the greatest challenge he has is to now bring all of that energy that he has property and he has brought a lot and to focus on organization, in iowa and in new hampshire because if those states, poll dozen not vote. they are seasoned voters and you have to get their attention and close the sale. >> and freezing cold temperatures to the caucus. governor huckabee hosting a big show tonight at 8:00 p.m. on fox news channel with all of the republican candidates minus two. >>alisyn: we will be watching. thank you for previewing it for us. still ahead, he is convicted on public corruption cars, why is this ex-mayor still collecting thousands of dollars?
5:50 am
more news ahead. [ alarm rings ] [ male announcer ] take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. fixodent denture adhesive challenges you to a 12 hour hold test. ♪ thanks to its time released formula, you apply fixodent once, and it holds all day. ♪ take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. guaranteed, or your money back. ♪ and for guaranteed freshness try fixodent cleanser, plus scope ingredients.
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>>clayton: remember when dr. oz said there was arsenic in the apple juice, he took a lot of heat but now the f.d.a. is considering replacing restrictions on arsenic in the juice that kids drink. and now our own doctor would has been following the story. you got some criticism because you came out and supported dr. oz. >>guest: we wrote an article
5:54 am
basically applauding him because arsenic especially in young children is a big problem and what he found, indeed, independent laboratories showed levels that were not safe in apple juice, particularly, and the f.d.a. of course went after him and criticized him and called him an alarmist but now a consumer group looked at the arguments neck content in apple juice and found that the levels are a little too high. the federal government wants them to have 23 part per billion and the drinking water they are allowed only ten part billion, so a double standard for water, for apple juice, and, arsenic, in general, should not be at least be in excessive amounts for children's consumption. >>clayton: the quote from the f.d.a.'s statement on the juice and the restrictions and i quote, "we think apple juice is johnly safe based on the fact
5:55 am
that the vast majority of samples are very slow but we want to minimize the exposures as much as we can." here is dr. oz reacting to this new news. >> i think all the major players in this argument, the ones that were critical of the early studies have come to an agreement that we have a problem with apple juice. there is a question for the parents, why would you buy apple juice for your kid that might have more arsenic than your tap water? >>clayton: the other question is the other juices, right? grapefruit juice? >>guest: and looking at parents and saying, what do we do? look, apple juice or any kind of juice in general, small amounts is not a big problem at the present team, but a lot of people are advising, especially if you have children younger than six, limit the amount of juice consumption, especially in infants do not give them any juice, and, also, change brands because they are all over the
5:56 am
place. 5 percent of the different brands that were tested exceeded the elements so i would alter the brands and try to find organic juices so this i hope will set the standard something, a staple, consumed by millions of children, and arsenic although they say organic, or inorganic arsenic is the one that gives us a problem, it is linked too many thinks and we don't want to suppose kids to anymore robs in the future. >>clayton: great advice, thank you, doctor. this woman is strip searched by the t.s.a.? did security go too far? she missed her flight as a result. we report and you decide. that is ahead.
5:57 am
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>> good morning everyone, it's saturday. december 3rd, i'm alisyn camerota. it may be the end of the track for the train cain. the g.o.p. candidate herman cain makes it big announcement today. will he call it quits? what does it do to shake up the race? donald trump the moderator, the business mogul holding a debate in iowa two days after christmas. will the candidate take the bait? karl rove in a moment. >> clayton: the answer to the age old debate, who has it harder, moms or dads? was it ever a debate. >> alisyn: guys really think? >> according to the research,
6:01 am
"fox & friends" hour four with the answer. ♪ >> everybody thanks so much for joining us, bright and early. we have so many politics to talk about. >> dave: if this stead is right. you can do the headlines, drinking coffee and perhaps chat with the director off stage. >> alisyn: because throw my voice while i'm doing it, you know i do that, you know i do eat and drink while-- >> multi-task. >> alisyn: here he we go, here are your headlines, a developing story, because authorities have taken custody of mindy mccreadie's son, both she and her five-year-old son were reportedly found hiding in a closet in her boyfriend's home in arkansas. and she says he's no longer safe with their legal
6:02 am
guardians, and police say that's not true and they're returning the boy. she is he' seven months pregnant and no word she'll be facing criminal charges in this ordeal. and we'll talk to judge jeanine pirro. and among other things, sandusky claims that head coach joe paterno never conducted him about any behavior with minors and restricted his access to locker room facilities once the allegations emerged. he's now charged with 40 counts of molestation in court for preliminary hearing december 13th. the security council says it will help the transitional government draft a constitution, prepare for elections and proliferation of arms and libya is experiencing unrest nearly two months after a popular uprising, toppled
6:03 am
the regime under muammar gaddafi. former hartford connecticut mayor, getting nearly $71,000 in unused sick and unused vacation pay. the only reason the left the job he was convicted on corruption charges. 50 years in prison, but still gets that. and something seems to be ronning with that system. a design flaw. >> clayton: let's check with rick reichmuth, inside for the weather. >> and across southern california we have that for another three days, not nearly as bad as the winds earlier this week. fire danger had continue across that area. and that system pulling into the flames and bringing a lot of rain and snow across the central part of the country and the rain is going to bring the threat for significant flooding in the lower mississippi valley over the next couple of days. the east coast is looking
6:04 am
good, again. a rare sunny weekend we'll continue with that. and across the part of the country, rain in areas like texas where we definitely need it and like oklahoma, over the side of this, it's going to kum late three to six inches and that's today and tomorrow. after this, the system picks out and snow in place across oklahoma and missouri and eventually to chicago. all right, guys, back to you. >> dave: thank you, sir. it's the moment of truth for herman cain, the republican presidential candidate expect today announce in just a few hours whether he'll be dropping out of the the race for the the white house or whether he is submitted and playing in, folks. >> john roberts joins us from atlanta. any indication what cain might say? everybody is trying to read the tea leaves, john. >> i tell you if you're he trying to read tea leaves you'll have a difficult time. this does not look like a guy whose about to bow out.
6:05 am
if he is, he's going to do it in a big way. he does everything in a big way. we're here in the brand brand new headquarters, a speech or announcement between one and two this afternoon and a camera platform across the driveway, does not look like a guy who is about to say i'm suspending my campaign. all of this contingent on a conversation he had with his wife, the first after ginger white came out with affair. the profound effect has been on the family and i talked with his georgia press secretary, and here is what he said. >> i think these type of allegations is always tough on the family. especially when the allegations really are, misconstrued or really don't have foundation and from that
6:06 am
perspective, that's tough. the family is standing behind him and supportive, especially mrs. cain. >> if mrs. cain were to say, i want you to leave the race, would he? >> you have to ask him. at the end of the day he said it's up to him to make the final decision. >> the cain campaign disputing allegations leveled at health care, let's look at the reality of what's going on here, a lot that say he should stay in the race, particularly as he opened his headquarters and put up enough money to be in the nevada caw cushions and it's support has literally collapsed the last few weeks, most notably in iowa a little more than four weeks away a new poll shows him with 8% support, but over a four day period, but they took the results and he started at 12 and he's now at 4. so, if he really wants to become president he's going absolutely in the wrong direction. >> yeah, and up at 23% just a few weeks ago. >> fascinating to see the new headquarters right behind you, john. thanks for that preview, of we
6:07 am
have no idea what. >> dave: and the des moines register polled said the reason they weren't supporting cain was the issues not the scandal. just to be clear. >> clayton: let's get more on this with the master mind of strategy and insight, that's karl rove, there he is, former advisor. >> good to see snu we've missed you, karl. tell us, what should herman cain say today? >> well, i think his candidacy is all, but over with, it's always hard at this stage and we've seen him very combative and pugnacious herman cain and as john roberts described, it doesn't sound like he's going to be withdrawing, it sounds like he's going to be jumping up there to say, i'm in this fight to win, but his numbers have collapsed and it's not just because of the issues, it's because people, he's mishandled it from the first moment. he had a chance to put this in
6:08 am
the beginning in a place that was goodbye, you know, he had ten days, weeks to prepare for the initial charge about the two women and the national restaurant association, he could have handled that a the lot better. >> clayton: karl, you know there are individuals out there strauch supporters tweeting saying we're with, the women for cain website, quotes saying we're with you, we're with you. isn't there a place in the campaign for a candidate truly from the outside of washington, everyone is trying to play the outsider card na newt gingrich is trying to play that guard? >> and no, there is. but the question, is there a winning place for a candidate who has been as damaged as mr. cain has been over the last several weeks? we've not seen a sure-footed candidate fair or unfair, whether the charges are true or untrue, he's mishandled it and so the numbers suffered. >> if cain drops out does newt
6:09 am
gingrich benefit the most. poll supporters say the second choice is newt on the other happened there could be many more media outlets who are now going to dig through newt gingrich's past with herman cain out. who benefits if cain exits the stage? >> well, newt does benefit. becauses you say, herman cain supporters tend to have newt as their second choice and if cain exits-- or stays in the race the at the current levels, the main beneficiary is newt. newt is now the front runner, he's jumped into first place and he's going to the get a lot of additional scrutiny as a result karl, let's talk about the jobless numbers, good news for president obama at this time for the unemployment to go from 9% to 8.6%, obviously, he'll be able to make hay of this even though lots of people said it doesn't reflect necessarily what's going on in the country. >> yeah, i thought the president and his people were smart not to try and make hay
6:10 am
of it. because they know, look, having been in the white house, those, this -- the first friday of every month he when you've got difficult difficulties it's not a pleasant time in the white house starting on thursday night. the president gets to know the number, nobody else gets to know until friday morning and there's nothing you can do about it and it comes and let's be clear about this. there are three numbers to pay attention to in addition to 8.6% unemployment. first of all, the number of jobs created was 120,000, now, that's less than we need to have in order to accommodate all the people who are entering, the work force, it's anemic job growth. more than half of the reason that the unemployment rate dropped 4/10 of a percent was, 300,000 americans became so discouraged, they're no longer looking for work. and then finally, we had unemployment claims of 402,000, that's up above expectations, and they've been up for two weeks in a row. a lot of these 120,000 jobs are temporary jobs for the the
6:11 am
holidays, i wouldn't be surprised to see that unemployment rate go back up. and you know, there's a thing called u-6 which is the unemployment rate for -- that takes into account not only people looking for work and can't find it, but also people who are working part tum, but want to be working full-time and that's nearly 16%. that means one out of every six americans is either looking for work or has a part-time job, but looking for full-time work and if you include people given up for work so discouraged sitting at home trying not to face the situation, we've got basically one out of every five americans when it comes to work. >> clayton: gosh, karl rove is going to stick around for us, he's going to talk about donald trump, the moderator, holding a republican debate. should the candidates take part in it? karl rove will answer those questions next. >> alisyn: they both work hard. who has the easier job and who is better at multi-tasking,
6:12 am
one guess, mom or dad? tell us what you think at and we'll tell you what the research says. ♪ daddy, come in the water!
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6:15 am
>> welcome back, everybody. are the g.o.p. candidates ready for this? donald trump, the moderator. >> you're fired (laughter) >> should the candidates show up for this debate? we're back with karl rove. karl, if you're advising the candidates, do they show up, the december 27th debate, moderated by donald trump? >> pardon me for one second while i multi-task here and have a sip of my water. >> alisyn: that's not multi-tasking. managing fits right now. >> multi-tasking and. >> actually there is he' nothing in my coffee cup. >> alisyn: that's acting. >> yeah, look, this is weird, isn't it? first of all, donald trump has said he will endorse somebody in the presidential primary, in the republican primary. how many candidates are going to feel compelled to show up
6:16 am
to this thing because he's going to endorse it. they don't show up they have no chance for the endorsement. this is an eye on tv. where is that. it's not like it's on fox. now, there are like 3000 subscribers, most of them to be found in the state. and there's no where. and, and here is the amazing thing. donald trump is threatening to run for president as an independent. so, you know, and this is on december 27th, for god's sake let us give these people a little bit of chance to spend time with their families, but it is in iowa and my suspicious is that while i suspect a lot of them would like not to show up, i suspect most of them are going to show up, and about, you know, 40 people in america will have an interesting, 40 normal people and every journalist and every political junky in the cable news world will watch the thing, but 40 ordinary americans will and it will be all about donnell. >> they say they're in 100
6:17 am
million homes. >> it is on-- >> and how many of those 100 million know that ion is on the their-- >> and didn't know bloomberg was on the debate, there you go. let's talk about the actual debate about a month left before the iowa caucus and mitt romney better toughen up. chris christie doing attacking on newt gingrich saying, look, this guy is a lathe. it's never run anything in his life and mitt romney has to toughen up. >> first of all, he isn't slipping that much in the paul and newt has been gaining in the polls. look, there's -- if you want to -- it's nice to have other vices in the frey and i thought it was probably smart to have christy out there, mr. everyman, governor everyman and if you were going to raise this point, the point about president obama and a point about newt gingrich better to have it raised by somebody else rather than you,
6:18 am
first. at some point they're going to need to go mano a mano, in terms of the campaign. newt says i'm going to say the rest of the field is your i remember and lets you and i have a lincoln douglas debate. and i thought romney was wise to say there are other candidates out there, we shouldn't go one-on-one. in terms of their whole campaigns they will go one-on-one. at least romney is going to go one-on-one and newt is it going to attempt to go above romney and say i'm the nominee, this thing is over, i've got all of these interesting ideas, i'm like nixon, excuse me, i'm like lincoln and washington yesterday and earlier, a couple weeks ago he was like churchill. margaret thatcher and ronald reagan. he's going to attempt to go over romney and the at some point, romney is going to have to go at him. >> alisyn: unless newt wants to hold his own debate. >> as he told us the other
6:19 am
day, his wife thinks she's a mix of nancy reagan, jackie kennedy and-- newt is a smart guy and a guy who observed him a smart observation, he's at his best when he's on the bottom and worst when he's on the top and he's on the top and he's got to be careful about this. the last couple of days we've seen a range of statements, 30 days ago, i think it's going to erode some of his position. >> alisyn: all right 6789 karl, great to see you. thanks so much for coming on. go back to multi-tasking. >> and doing that while holding a baby. >> dave: and enjoy the texas-baylor game. i know you will, karl. >> clayton: she was strip searched and missed her flight and grandma angry at the tsa. did security go too far? we report, you decide. >> dave: are you feeling that holiday anxiety? oh, yeah, and stopping it in
6:20 am
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6:23 am
>> all right. we all know the holidays can be stressful. the gifts, the party planning and of course, all of those crazy relatives. today we're going to reduce the stress a little bit and katie brown is an author and entertaining expert. she's here to help us survive the holidays. >> it's true, people get tense around the holidays. >> they do get tense and last night. doing the cards and the labels and stamps. >> it goes on and on and on. >> and there with a glass of wine. >> you do, people like you.
6:24 am
one thing that people panic about is the meal. and i don't have enough table, enough tissue, how am i going to make this happen. set a beautiful buffet table. that way if you put your fanciness into your decor, set it up. beautiful candles. >> and make people serve themselves. >> and brings an air of casualness, sit around your house, your tv room. your living room and you don't need to come tons of chairs and silverware, et cetera. >> you added nice touches to the table, silverware wrapped in the napkins. all ready to go. i like to save money around the holidays. i know that's not-- how do you save money. >> i believe walk in your back yard, pine cones, use that and use that as holiday decor, when it comes to gift wrap, you don't have to spend a ton of money. i have a seven-year-old and a three-year-old who do tons of
6:25 am
who are the work, i do a basic wrap and do the tape and put the art work. >> you can have them put a little glue. >> vul, vul. check them out what i'm making. >> they'll love that even more, because they made it, brilliant. >> they made it, and you know, what grandmother isn't going to want a gift wrap custom-made by the grandchild. >> and a lot of times i'll be oh, my god someone is coming over, i have no decorations out yet. what do i do. how do i make it beautiful in high hall or coffee table? everybody has a candy canes around the holidays. all you do, put a rubber band around your candle sticks and your canneddy canes upside down, tie a bow around it, happy holidays, easy and eat the the candy canes afterwards, that's all i'm
6:26 am
saying. >> any he had symbol table displays. >> especially at the camerota house and take a second and say you're busy, i'm busy, everybody is swamped over the holidays and i like to go-to station i put some of my favorite things, a little chocolate in here, a caffeine, moisturizer and take a second just for myself and do something that i love. whether it's nibble on chocolate. give my hands a good massage. >> clayton: ali wants some of this as well. >> she does? i don't blame her. i think that's only fair, you can do that, right? and another thing is tradition, you probably have a bunch of great traditions. >> starting to, trying. >> yes, exactly, i think it's kind of nice if you have too many, it can be overwhelming, sit down with your family and make a need to have column and a want to have column so you can kind of limit what you're
6:27 am
going to do. pick two or three and add on. democrat thesy. >> thank you so much. all of this, and the great gifts. go to our website, the full segment up there. people want more information, where can they go. >> they can go to and there are sons of great tips how to have stress-free holiday. it is possible, i promise. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up on the show. the debate ends here. we have the answer to who has the harder job, moms or dads, we're sharing the answer and your thought next. >> i'm going with the moms, we're multi-taskers. >> clayton: you might be right. 22 days left until christmas. are you done with your shopping? the not even started. if not. you're in luck, home depot that will help anyone on your list. ♪ ♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪
6:28 am
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>> mom listen up, there's a new study out of the michigan state university looked at moms and dads and both of them work outside of the home. >> clayton: a huge study. >> alisyn: who do you think is better at multi-tasking, take a guess, a random stab at it? the mom. >> clayton: shocking. >> dave: look, clayton and i check facebook, twitter, e-mail and host a four hour show and we can multi-task at work and that's what the study shows. when he we go home, we're totally incapable of multi-tasking.
6:32 am
i said it myself earlier. if i'm watching the kids, they're great, fed, healthy, happy and that's-- anything else. >> clayton: laundry. >> dave: i'm incapable. >> alisyn: how do you explain the disconnect. you're able to send out tweets, research things on your ipad. >> dave: i don't know. >> alisyn: over the show, but not pick up the laundry at home. >> dave: we pay more attention to the kids. >> clayton: no, we pay more attention to twitter and our wives have both threatened to throw the phones out of the house. >> dave: why is that? >> i don't know, my wife and i were watching a movie, when you come up to bed, would you bring up the laundry basket. yeah i'll get it and missed it. and you can't bring it up. i forgot, i was walking. >> alisyn: and selective memory? selective hearing, you do exercise that a lot, but not multi-tasking and just yesterday, literally yesterday, i was in the living room, and i had to study for the show. dinner time. my father-in-law was staying with us, and he wanted to talk to his wife. waist blackberry something, had the phone talking to her
6:33 am
and a-ha, details, get in and brush your teeth. yes, and paying the baby sitter. >> we get it, we get it. >> and i'm only half done, i've got more. >> and your husband was there on the ipad playing angry birds. >> a study said that women multi-task nine more hours than men per week, your e-mails. >> roseanne in georgia, my husband says that men do multi-task and they're able to drink beer and watch sports and at the same time. >> good point roseanne. >> and particularly skilled at that. >> and in florida, arizona the reason women spend more time working because men are faster and work more efficiently. >> bravo, ken. >> yes, way to do it. >> and paul says, my wife does all of the cooking during the the week and our deal is that i cook, all meals every weekend, as far as food shopping and gives her the treats she deserves. >> and oh, can we just-- >> let me ask you, our rom and
6:34 am
board, we're prone to be scatter brained? we zero in like. >> clayton: good point. >> dave: i'm saying. >> clayton: we had a giant hole in our basement wall, literally, gaping hole that needed fob fixed and fixed by the other day. did you notice anything down here? she said, oh, the wall is fixed. >> alisyn: you know what that's about. >> clayton: taking care of the studs. >> alisyn: our bandwidth we have so much filling up our bandwidth i can't notice a hole in the wall. i have too much other stuff. >> dave: e-mails coming to that address and twitter at ff weekend. and debate and alisyn-- >> okay, let's do that, tell you what's happening in your news, it's being compared to hurricane irene. extreme santa ana winds leaving a mess across the western u.s. this morning and right now the wind storm is blamed for at least one death and also knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in california and utah, and many of them not expected to get back with that power on until tomorrow night. and a search for a missing florida mother michelle packer
6:35 am
is expanding this morning. her family moving the command center about 30 miles, to a local bar where parker worked. that bar the site of a silent auction and the proceeds go to parker's two young children and the search effort. parker has been missing since november 17th. the same day she appeared on people's court arguing over an engagement ring with her ex-fiance, and an 85-year-old grandmother claims she was strip searched by the tsa. it started when she refused a body scan at jfk airport she feared it would interfere with her defibrillator. two tsa agent, she says removed their clothes. tsa denies doing anything wrong. the secrets to getting the new tips, plenty on the budget. the website is called toy-roux.
6:36 am
lets you rent toys for a fraction of how much it is to buy like neck fliks. they go into a cue and depending on the plan, every month or every other month, a fox comes with a new set of presents. when your time is up or your children are bored with them, three days later, you send them back, and a new box of toys will be on its way. >> clayton: what's brilliant, forget the toys the kids are more interested in the empty box. >> alisyn: just send a box. >> clayton: my son would play with a box, don't you see the toy there, rather have the box. >> alisyn: you have a future as an entrepreneur. >> clayton: let's check with rick reichmuth with more on the weather, hey, rick. >> good morning, when i came outside, you started jumping up and down. >> yes, i'm so excited. and yea! >> yea! >> that will do it. >> jump up and down. take a look at the maps. the temperatures waking up this morning, a cool start across the plains, get ready it's much colder this coming week and temperatures bottom
6:37 am
out at wednesday and well below soar owe. it's not that bad down to the south. take a look at prescott valley, arizona, pretty significant snow falling, we've had it for the last couple of days and don on twitter sent this to me and snowing right now around 30 degrees and around 38, it's going to snow on and off all day long, and actually for tomorrow. keep sending your pictures and your comments and whatever else, rick reichmuth on twitter facebook. the eastern part of the country, looking great. lots of sunshine, temperatures cool, but typical across the areas of the northeast and dave briggs is jumping up and down a little too cold and across the southeast we're going to be nicer and mild temperatures, but the rain is going to move in and it's going to be pretty significant. to the north we've got the snow across the areas of colorado all the way up through wisconsin and across the west, a little bit more, the santa ana winds in southern california the next couple of days. all right, dave, jumped up a few times, and more--
6:38 am
>> i'm jumping up and down, and wear a cot out here. but in the meantime, 22 days left before christmas, you can take care of all of your shopping, folks, at home depot, right? >> home dehe poe or home >> exactly, instead of the do it yourself warehouse we're the do it yourful-- . [buzzer] >> let's start with outdoor power tools and outdoor power. it may not seem like a likely gift, but for the guy or woman mo needs a chain saw. >> i've got to have a chain saw. >> the echo is one of the premier brands in outdoor power, this is a 18 inch chain saw, terrific, that would make a great gift idea. not for anybody, a gift for me or alisyn, perhaps, i think she was asking for this. >> dave: lift that up. >> somebody getting started in home improvement and cranked up. this is the perfect gift. it's a two piece starter kit.
6:39 am
>> dave: why is it good for a starter. >> basically with two things, the circular saw and the drill driver here. so you can tackle most of the the projects around the house and somebody is a little intimidated by the big table saws, start with this. a little more advanced would be the four piece calm bow and you get two saws, you get a resip saw, a cool flashlight and the driver drill guard. and-- >> a lot of value. when you're looking for presents, this is a great value to get the calm bow kit. >> dave: you've got to dress up the outdoors. >> somebody in the outdoors, this is cool the mosaic solar lights and i don't know if you can catch this, led inside. it changes colors. during the day this reflects light and cool, but at night you've got the led. >> they light up. >> and this is to light up the area, it's decorative and cool at night. >> wireless and plug them into
6:40 am
the ground. >> that's great. >> somebody if you want to give them a hand and be more organized, this is martha stewart living bench, in the front hall or in the mud room and buy accessories like the marsha stewart basket to put in there and this is a cool gift. somebody loves that. >> store the kids gear. >> so, things, don't forget home there is he' stuff there you would never imagine. >> dave: never would have guessed it. >> it's a whole new store, go online to home and find things like that, this is a popcorn popper, if you're getting somebody the big green tv for christmas, get a popcorn popper and make it an old-fashioned theater. >> fantastic. >> and 4 1/2 quarter mixer from kitchen aid and a lovely shade of red here, but if you've got somebody who loves to bake and cook, home as well and order over $45. free shipping and a lot of stuff.
6:41 am
>> love free shipping. >> and this is cool. now, thgs, you've heard of a lot of people like to friday turks and a lot of people are intimidated, because of the oil, they're afraid. and this is actually an infrared turkey fridfryer, it u infrared technology and put the rubs and stuff on the turkey you couldn't do when you put it in oil. >> dave: safer, too. gift cards. >> don't ever forget about gift cards. if you can't figure it out. >> dave: it's a little apron. >> it's a wee little apron. go on home >> dave: it's the do it yourselfful house, right, everybody. >> dave: thanks, dave white from home depot, back to you inside. >> alisyn: dave, you look silly. and how to say that. >> clayton: as politely as you need to say it.
6:42 am
the jobless rate making a dramatic drop. is it a sign of economic recovery or is there more to the numbers, and the numbers maybe aren't perhaps telling us. economist ben stein is glaring at us and he'll weigh in on that. >> alisyn: plus, country star mindy mccreadie's son is safe and she absconded with him. will she face criminal charges? we'll ask judge jeanine pirro. >> clayton: 8 p.m. on the fox news channel, mike huckabee holding a forum with the presidential candidates. a two hour special you need to watch this. ♪ [ male announcer ] how are we going to make this season better than the last? how about making it brighter. more colorful. ♪
6:43 am
and putting all our helpers to work? so we can build on our favorite traditions by adding a few new ones. we've all got garlands and budgets to stretch. and this year, we can keep them both evergreen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. can you smell those savings? fresh cut christmas trees are arriving weekly.
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>> now to this that we've been telling you about. authorities have taken custody of mindy mccreadie's son zander. the country music star and her five-year-old son were repo reportly found hiding in a closet in her boyfriend's house in arkansas when police arrived. mccreadie claimed she took her son because he was no longer safe, her mother, the legal guardian. joining us now host of justice with judge jeanine pirro, nice to see you. this is a parental abduction, right? >> it is a clear parental abduction and i used to prosecute the cases all the time. to answer the question directly. will she face criminal charges, parental kidnapping in florida, it is a third degree felony, and she can face up to five years, however, the issue is very clear here. there is a woman, this mccreadie, who is dilutional.
6:47 am
she is absolutely dilutional. >> alisyn: what makes you say that. >> she lost custody this have child when the child was one year old. spent six months in jail for assaulting her mother and resisting arrest. the followingier she tries to commit suicide. slits wrists and arrested for drugs and all kinds of substance abuse problems. last year she is found unconscious again. the order requires that when she sees her son, who is now five years old, that she be supervised. what does that tell you, alisyn, it tells you. >> alisyn: she can't be trusted. >> can't be trusted with child alone and says i'm almost seven months pregnant and i can't bring the child back because i can't travel. meanwhile she traveled from florida where she took the boy zander to tennessee to arkansas. and she is flaunting the courts. >> alisyn: if this were a man, if this were a father with that sort of criminal background and he absconded with the child, is there more
6:48 am
sympathetic for moms than fathers? >> i don't think so. i sat on these cases and i'm outraged and gave an order. fair warning, we want her back thursday at five o'clock, i'm not bringing this back. my son needs to be safe. well, you're unconscious, drugged out and assaulting people, and you know, most of the time. what makes you think you're a better mother. i think what's more incredible, she's said things like i've been chosen to be bigger and larger than life. and i mean, that's dilutional thinking and it's also naive for her to say, by the way, there's no amber alert here, so i'm okay. are you kidding? >> quickly she's pregnant with twins. what happens to those babies when they're born. >> nothing yet. until the court can show and until florida children and family services comes in and says she is he' a danger to those kids, those kids are hers. this child has been determined to be not safe with her, safe with the grandmother and she continues to flaunt court orders to violate them and be in contempt of the court and you know, depending upon how kind the court feels they'll
6:49 am
either charge her or just monitor it more closely. >> alisyn: all right. judge jeanine pirro, thank you so much. we'll be tuning into your show tonight at 9 p.m. meanwhile, the unemployment rate falls to 8.6%, is it reason enough for americans to believe we're on the road to recove recovery? economist ben stein, is here, and looking very skeptical this morning.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> 8.6% of. the nation's unemployment rate taking a big dip yesterday. with the economy adding 120,000 jobs, it sounds like good news for the american people. >> clayton: our next guest says those numbers do not tell the entire story. >> dave: joining us now economy and authority ben stein. good to sigh.
6:53 am
>> nice to see you. >> dave: are we on the road to recovery? the unemployment numbers looks pretty nice. >> it looks, but-- i don't want to sound like for ris bueller's day off, but the unemployment re sid dual. you take the labor force, subtract the number of people working and get the unemployment. but if a whole bunch of people leave the employment force the unemployment number looks better than it and lots of people left the labor force, so we don't have a big recovery going on now. we have some addition to the work force, that's good. some addition to employed, that's good, but the number of people pool of people looking for work fallen by a huge amount. people they they can't get jobs. and not a big gain in employment. roughly 120,000 is not a big gain for a country of 308 billion. >> and discouraged the workers. >> there are a lot of discouraged and part-time workers and any time there
6:54 am
will be workers who say, i'm discouraged, i want to be a motion picture producer and director and instead working as an accountant. so they're discouraged or part-time and to that number, but the fact is we have last month. several hundred thousand people leave the labor force, that means that the unemployment number is going to look better and in fact it isn't much better. >> alisyn: is there any room for encouragement. >> there's room for encouragement, the stock market rallying. >> dave: a good sign. >> that's a good sign, but the housing market is absolutely kaput and for many occupations, simply don't, college graduates are having a hard time. and health care, minerals, agriculture and those sectors have been very large on illegal aliens and for americans to take the jocbs, we're a long, long way from
6:55 am
prosperity. >> a lot of companies with intel and going overseas for engineers and how can we get that type of labor in the united states. a lot of the workers in the united states. that just aren't available. well, we have to have more of those visas available and there's a problem, that's not easy out. because a lot of the-- they're not trained up to u.s. standards, and in india and china, what they call an engineer or a chemist or business is not what we would call an engineer or chemist, but i'm sure they're capable, but not up to our standards. and americans want to be play writes, and poets and they're not doing the hard work. >> dave: broadcasters. one you're looking for, okay, we're on the road to recovery. >> would i say if the housing starts to recover and housing is so far down below where it
6:56 am
should be, and so deeply in the tank. >> how does it recover, do we write off the-- >> and there's got to be easier credit. >> people said the auto industry cannot recover and they started issuing easy credit and bang, it's off and running. if we can get the banks to start issuing easy credit again, you will have more homes, there are plenty of people want homes and can't get loans. even i who am a modestly wealthy person have a hard time to get a loan. taken months. >> alisyn: qualified people can't get loans. ben, is it you would stick around. >> i'd be honored. >> clayton: he's honored. >> . >>. >> as an adult i'm grateful to have the opportunity to serve the community where i grew up and that's why i'm proud to be an american.
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